Welcome to *ssTricks! We are a beat drenching, heart pounding, high octane line of apparel that uses athelic and fetish styling and fuses it with a fun, techno vibe. We believe in you, your best life, and living in absolute freedom. Not just a clothing line, we are a lifestyle. An all-access entry to hedonistic indulgence. At *ssTricks all are welcome indulge and celebrate their individuality and audaciousness. Just have fun, get *ssTricks, and GET LAID!


*ssTricks founder Jimmie Sprinkles can best be described as the outcome of a cupcake and Satan having a child together. Mixing hedonism and sweat with pink glitter confection is simply what he does best. As owner of the brand *ssTricks, with the motto “AssTricks Gets You Laid”, his work represents a world of insane indulgence and overwhelming fun. Jimmie, an American designer and personality, started his career as a makeup artist, a quite colorful one at that, with a reputation of constantly challenging the norms. His obsession with reinvention and transformation, mixed with constant boredom made it only natural that he would enter the world of fashion. Starting with only a bus pass and some scrap fabrics, he started making gear that was just a bit more interesting. Jimmie used the same vibrants colors and personalities from NYC nightlife that Inspired him into his fashion. From bright lights to pounding baselines, buff naked boys to twisted drag queens, Jimmie has a way of incorporating the dazzle, fun, and sexuality into the fantasy world of *ssTricks.